Ashlee’s Summer Camp Experience 2017

Ashlee (Student)

Name: Ashlee

Age: 17

Nationality: UK

What we learned about Ashlee: She loves Chinese culture and is always hardworking. She leaves her comfort zone and keeps speaking in Chinese which is so good. – Connie

Best Summer Camp Photos

singing in the karaoke

classroom rock climbing group photo

Ashlee’s Summer Camp Experience

Q: Have you learned any Chinese characters?

A: Oh yes, of course. In my class, we learned a range of characters and what their meanings are. So we’ll watch a video and afterwards, we’ll discuss the video with the teacher, and then we’ll write down in our notebooks what happened in the video with Chinese characters.

Q: What is the most fun things at That’s Mandarin?

A: I think the most fun thing was just sort of talking to different people from around the world because I live in the UK and where I live there’s not many different nationalities but here you can see people from America, Turkey, France, the list goes on.

Q: What’s your favorite field trip?

A: My favourite field trip was to the Three Kingdoms. It was in a different province so the car ride was quite long but it was definitely worth it. It was really fun. It’s where CCTV, which is a Chinese TV channel, film most of their period dramas and so we got to dress up in different period costumes, go on some rides, and watch some really interesting things.

Q: Do you enjoy our Chinese Summer Camp?

A: Yes, I definitely do because there’s nothing better can teach you than like sort of living in China to learn about their culture and how they live. And I’ve made friends with both the students and the teachers which is really nice.

Q: What do you think of the food?

A: Oh the food is really good. The order in different things every day. We have different varieties of like pasta, rice, and different Chinese meals which is always really exciting.

Q: What about the hotel?

A: Oh the hotel’s really nice. There’s a really cute dog there who’s sometimes in the lobby and it’s really nice to pet it and stroke it’s belly!