Chinese Summer Camp During the Pandemic

As the saying goes, ‘In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity’.

It is without a doubt that this pandemic has significantly disrupted our lives, more so that of young people. They have missed out on a significant number of months away from school.

We can only fathom what these changes have presented to parents who are now faced with daily tasks of trying to find resources to keep their children entertained or at least up to speed with some form of learning. Oh, and not to mention, the summer holidays are around the corner.

How will our Chinese Summer Camp survive during the pandemic?

Chinese Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp Going Online

Well, rest assured – because our Summer Camp is going cyber. We have taken the initiative to move with the times. Clearly the world never stops teaching, so why should our campers stop learning?

Since February, our in-house IT department has been working around the clock together with the product team to provide a stable environment for online learning.

Immersing aspects of the offline learning environment into academic cyberspace, so that our teachers and campers can communicate safely from the comfort of their homes, and not feel like they are missing out.

Chinese Summer Camp during the pandemic - going cyber!

What is Cyber Summer Camp?

As you may know, we have been organizing Summer Camps for over 10 years – so we know what works! Language classes were an important part of the day, and to make them fun, our teachers used many teaching methods within the class environment to make the learning resemble the real world, and students loved this!

Without a doubt, our teachers would be able to deliver the same quality of teaching online. Besides, it is 2020 technology innovation is growing exponentially, and as campers are the future – we must edify them now.

Importance of Having a Teacher

We are sure you may have found plenty of resources online for your children, however, the direction is key. Have you set goals, how will their progress be measured, and are these resources interactive?

Learning is not just about content, rather it is about tailoring and delivering the content for the learning. It is easy to get lost in the sea of content; however, kids and teens have short attention spans and different learning styles. Therefore, we have always strongly believed in the importance of having a teacher facilitate our campers’ learning journey. Cheers to the era we live in, you can easily do it online!

Online Chinese learning for your kids

Online Chinese Learning for Your Kids

With our tailor-made platform, you can stop worrying and focus on the best things about online language learning, which are having a sense of discovery, a sense of progress, and simply having fun.

So do not wait!

We strongly recommend you switch to online classes for the time being. We’re happy to educate and inspire our campers online.

We are keeping a close eye on the government announcements regarding the re-opening of language schools, and as of May, we hope that it will happen very soon.

Wherever in the world you are, take care – and we can’t wait to see you again soon!